Social Media Marketing for Actors and Actresses (Best Tips)



Social Media Marketing for Actors & Actresses

As Actor you want to reach the largest possible target audience. Twitter and Facebook are ideal for doing this. Likewise, as Actor your goal will be to get and maximize conversions. That means not only getting loyal followers, but getting evangelists who will promote your content via word of mouth. Being an Actor is challenging as it is already and you don’t need more hurdles to get the word out. So here are a few free ways to get you started:

1) Go to Facebook, login and ‘Like’ the FB Fanpage (35,000+ Likes) and then post your updates, news, ads on the page:

This is a free indie content page, which will help you get your message across to many other related members (producers, writers, directors, actors, cinematographers and more). Post your updates once or twice a week, as this page updates every few hours and its feed is linked to many other independent channels. That way you will get the word out fast and direct in terms of promotion.

2) Next, go to Twitter, login and ‘Follow’ the TW Fanpage:

Then, send them a direct message, and ask them to place you on their list:

“Hello, I am an Actor, please put me on your list, thank you.”

Then, click on the list you want to be on:

and subscribe to the list.

That way you can follow the conversation, retweet to others and connect with professionals in the same line of work. Note, it may take a few days to be added to the list.

3) Done.

Congratulations, you have now completed the first step in getting your word out using Social Media Marketing. And this is all free.

Free additional options:

a) If you want to post to more related feeds and channels, here are some more:

facebook group (request to join):

google+ group (join group):

In both these groups you can post any news, updates, ads, fundraising projects and more, all free.

b) To subscribe to an updated Indie News RSS feed:

c) If you have already completed a film, music, book, art or any other project and are looking for online distribution worldwide, contact filmbay directly:

To find out more about filmbay, and how it can help you:

Have a great day 🙂



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